Consultancy & Support

Energy efficiency decisions are business decisions. Our professional consultants help achieve clients’ business goals by closely assessing project requirements and recommending targeted and measurable savings to be achieved in an optimal time period. We offer professional and prompt support, expert advice, sharp troubleshooting and when necessary, onsite training to ensure successful implementations that yield outstanding results.

Our engineering team is led by Dr Ladas Taylor

Hydrocarbon Conversion

Utlising our extensive experience and  in-house capabilities, Ecospan has successfully implemented hydrocarbon refrigerant conversions for existing Freon-using air-conditioning systems in Singapore and Malaysia. With every conversion, energy savings achieved are guaranteed at 12% at least. Using a simple drop-in solution in the form of hydrocarbon refrigerant, clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Audit

For those looking for a comprehensive analysis of how your property is using power and seeking advice to develop effective solutions to reduce energy consumption in a holistic manner, our energy audit team is the one-stop solution. We help identify where and how your property is wasting energy and recommend highly effective and reliable solutions to lower your energy consumption. In many cases, we are also able to assist in applying for relevant government grants to support these energy saving projects and in the process, obtain recognition or accreditation these socially responsible clients deserve.